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Work to prevent radicalization starts at Nursery

In News, racism, radicalization by Anna Gustafsson

Picture: Mia Peurukangas and Habiba Ali from Finn Church Aid.

Who am I? Where do I belong? Questions which almost all young people wonder at one time or another. For young people with immigrant background these questions can flame up acute questioning of identity. The confusion stems strongly from feeling like an outsider. With some youth this questioning can lead to adopting extreme ideas or joining groups that spread extreme and violent messages. Coordinator Habiba Ali works at Finn Church Aid. Her job is to try reach those Finnish families that have been affected by radicalization. She says that a Finnish youth tempted by the messages of the extreme groups is usually very frustrated.Read More

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Virtual police takes on hate speech

In News by Anna Gustafsson

Start of a shift. While his colleagues are busy putting on their uniforms and starting off with the patrolling cars, virtual police officer, Sergeant Marko Forss starts the day by opening his computer. As a virtual police officer in Helsinki Police department he is covering the whole country, working where the people are, in social media and comment sections of different news channels. Big part of his work is also giving lectures and commenting and writing on daily topics.Read More

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Let the smile return – healing after war

In children, therapy, war by Anna Gustafsson

Smile. That is missing from the face of a child that has experienced or seen torture or other forms of extreme violence. Children suffering from war trauma have difficulties to play freely. It is as if they feel they don’t have the permission to be happy. Even if they are surrounded by a safe and peaceful country, like Finland, where there is no war or violence, the past disturbing images stay in the mind. Often after the settling period in Finland is over and the everyday life with daily school and study starts, these images come back very strongly. Children or teenagers can not necessarily put their experiences into words, or they lack trust in adults. In school or nursery the teachers notice change in the child´s behavior.Read More

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Racist speech leads to broken society

In hatespeech, internet, News, racism by Anna Gustafsson


Researcher Karin Creutz has been working on researching media for the past 15 years. During these years the social media has changed the media landscape irreversibly. Researcher Karin Creutz confirms, that the language used online has become harsher and hate speech more widely used. Our tolerance towards racist language is lowered. Karin Creutz emphasizes that the phenomena is not happening in Finland alone.Read More