Despite setbacks, dare to dream big
    Hermina arrived in Finland as a refugee. She calls for more empathy for those who have been forced to flee from their homes. You never know when you might need help yourself.
    From Swahili to Singhalese – Multilingual library covers all
    Everyone in Finland has the right to read in their native language. The Multilingual library in Helsinki covers over 80 different languages.
    Destination Europe?
    Immigrants arrive in Europe with the hope of a residence permit and a new life. This general perception is challenged by a recent British study. Researcher Dr. Vicki Squire and her research team have conducted extensive interviews which indicate that Europe is often reached with very little knowledge and sometimes even by coincidence.


What is Safe stadi?

Safe stadi is a project run by City of Helsinki Youth Department. Project is coordinated by Topias Suksi. The webpage is edited by Anna Gustafsson. The project has a full time youth worker, Sabally Ansumana. The main goal of the project is to increase feeling of peace and security in Helsinki, especially among young immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers living in Helsinki. We also take a strong stance against racism and hate speech especially online.

Who we are?

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