Studio Aleppo [Helsinki] – seeing differently
    The National Museum of Finland is known for its vast collection of art and objects that promote and present Finnish culture and heritage. But Museum also exhibited a photograph installation, with portraits of both old and new citizens of Helsinki. Studio Aleppo [Helsinki] provokes thoughts on what it is to be a Finn in the future.
    From black to rainbow of colors
    Many LGBT asylum seekers came to Finland looking for freedom, only to find they have to hide here as well. An art project is helping them express their feelings.
    How can we help?
    Do you have questions concerning studying or working in Finland? Do you need help finding an apartment or applying for citizenship? New help center has just been opened.


What is Safe stadi?

Safe stadi is a project run by City of Helsinki Youth Department. Project is coordinated by Topias Suksi. The webpage is edited by Anna Gustafsson. The project has a full time youth worker, Sabally Ansumana. The main goal of the project is to increase feeling of peace and security in Helsinki, especially among young immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers living in Helsinki. We also take a strong stance against racism and hate speech especially online.

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